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Meet Our Vendors

2 chicks and a farm (100% naturally grown produce, eggs)

We started farming in order to provide fresh, homegrown, chemical and pesticide free produce to local residents at a reasonable price.  We are a woman-owned and operated farm located in Jefferson County, TN. 

Kim was born and raised in East Tennessee and grew up gardening with her father.  She knows her stuff!  She takes great pride in the farm and in our produce to ensure it meets our high standards for quality and taste.  Jen is originally from New Jersey and never farmed a day in her life until meeting Kim.  However, she has a masters degree and a doctoral degree in public health from the University of Tennessee.

2 chicks and a farm was born as a result of practicing what we preach.  We were tired of trying to find reasonably priced, naturally grown produce in our local area so we decided to grow our own!  From there, the farm grew and our customer base expanded.  We do not use any dangerous chemicals or synthetic fertilizers on our farm.  If we wouldn’t eat it ourselves, we will not sell to our customers.

2 chicks and a farm was recently featured in the Standard Banner newspaper as part of their “Women in Agriculture” series.  We are honored to be part of a growing contingent of women in farming. 

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Bird Song Farm (100% naturally grown produce, eggs)

Garth is a real farmer. He was raised on a farm, is conscientious in his own farm management, and grows beautiful food. Garth has truly "forgotten more about farming than I'll ever know". He continues to teach Garden Delivery farmers more and more. Although Garth is modest and soft-spoken, we listen attentively when he updates his farming plans and ideas.

Garth has literally been farming his whole life. He grew up on a large family farm in Minnesota and then, with his wife Lois, always managed to keep a garden going over the years.  Even more important than his farming skills, Garth is a kind, humble, smart, patient, generous, compassionate human being. He cares for own family and his extended family. He loves his pets and his relationship with nature and the natural world. Garth is a listener. He hears more than you realize, gently reflects, and then carefully expresses his wise counsel.

Timberlake Nutritional Garden (100% naturally grown produce)

I was raised in North Knox County on my grandfather’s farm where most everything was done by hand including milking the cows.  Guess you could say I learned to hoe Johnson grass in the garden at an early age.  We never used any chemical fertilizer, herbicides or pesticides probably because of the cost but I really do not know.

I have always had a garden for the home but in 2005 I started raising organic corn on my Anderson County farm and selling at the Oak Ridge Farmers Market (F.AR.M.) on Saturday mornings.  I loved raising the corn but that only lasted about a month and I wanted to have more to sell.

I sold my Anderson County farm and bought a farm in Jefferson County in 2010.  I retired from Siemens Medical Solutions in 2011 so I had the time to go full time farming.   I named my farm “Country Lane Farm” and started raising vegetables and having chickens with pastured eggs in 2011 and selling at the F.A.R.M  market in West Knoxville on Friday afternoons  and the Dandridge Farmers Market on Saturday mornings and then at Garden Delivery.  Garden Delivery has been by far my largest customer in the last few years.  We have a 72’ x 30’ high tunnel that we have some cool weather crops from late fall till early spring.

We use no chemicals of any kind growing our vegetables.  We amend out soils as recommended by soil test from International Labs.  We use different kinds of rock powders mixed with compost and we drip irrigate from a well.  When we direct seed we try if possible to do so by the moon signs.

My wife Gretta also makes and sells “Country Crafted Soap by Gretta” at Country Lane Farm.  She uses essential oils as the fragrance, no fragrance oil is used in the process.

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Gretta's Country Crafted Soaps (essential oil soaps)

I have had very sensitive skin all my life which left me very limited in my soap choices. On our farm we believe in growing our vegetables without chemicals. Therefore I felt the need for a soap that was also made with natural grown fresh ingredients that did not contain synthetic harsh chemicals. I did not want a soap that was loaded with chemicals which would be absorbed by my skin. I wanted a soap that offered benefits to my skin without harsh effects.

On Saturday mornings while we were selling our naturally grown vegetables at the Dandridge Farmers Market I met a soap maker that introduced me to soap making. This opened the door to the possibilities that I could make a chemical free soap with wholesome ingredients. I was on my way to reading and researching and asking questions about making quality soap without industrial harsh chemicals. My soap is made with high quality olive, coconut and Tallow. I chose to use tallow instead of palm oil because of the rainforest deforestation to obtain palm oil. I also use high quality essential oils for natural aromas. We also use naturally grown products on the farm when possible, if not we then purchase organic grown ingredients from local sources.

Our soaps will not leave a heavy perfumed scent on your skin as the synthetic fragrances will do. You will enjoy the softer natural aroma of essential oils and natural ingredients that my soaps offer.

Kelly's Pasta (pasta)

I have been asked many times why I have chosen to make pasta, and I am not exactly sure. My husband, "Ken" seems to think that it was because I didn't have a Play-DohTM factory when I was young.  Maybe, he is right. I have always enjoyed cooking and I love to cook for friends. Perhaps, it is my way of cooking for the world.  I like to think of it in that way.

I make a great product that people can take home with them and feed their own family and friends.  It is quick to prepare,  gourmet, and made with the cleanest ingredients I can find. 

The pasta is made in very small batches with flour, pasteurized eggs, and olive oil as a base. All of the other ingredients are either grown in my garden, using organic practices, purchased from local farmers who do the same, or from certified organic products when what I use is not locally available.

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