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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CSA stand for?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA has become a popular way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from farmers.

I heard you have to buy shares of a farm in a CSA.  Is that true with this program?
No!  Our CSA model is very different.  You order what you want, when you want each week.  No hidden costs, minimum order requirements, service fees, or delivery charges.

With no shares to buy, how does your program work?
We price our products by item.  Pay only for what you want to order each week.  There are no requirements to order a certain number of products or to place an order each week. When you order and how much you order is completely up to you. We do not charge delivery fees or extra service charges.

You will be charged a ONE-TIME yearly membership fee upon placing your first order with us.  This one-time fee helps to cover the cost of website hosting and maintenance as well as marketing materials and administrative costs.

For returning CSA members, the membership fee is $15.00 / year.

For new CSA members, the membership fee is $25.00 / year

Why does your store close during the week?
Our ordering window is Friday through Tuesday at 8am. The store is closed Tuesday after 8am through Friday morning. All of the items listed on this site are picked, packaged, baked and roasted fresh for you each week.  Everything is seasonal and (for our produce farmers), weather dependent. We verify what products are available from each vendor on Fridays and, according to their answer, we update our products accordingly.

Do you use chemicals on your vegetables?
All of our produce farmers use sustainable, natural growing practices.  This means they grow without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides or herbicides.  We conduct farm inspections with each of our farms on a yearly basis to ensure our strict standards are being followed.

Does your meat contain growth hormones, antibiotics or steroids?
No! All meat products listed on our site come from animals not treated with growth hormones, antibiotics or steroids.  All meat products come from animals that have been pasture raised humanely by our ranchers.

What is the timeline for weekly deliveries through Garden Delivery CSA ?
Friday of each week - an email will be sent out to members of our mailing list encouraging orders through our website.  Not yet a member?  Join our mailing list

Friday - Tuesday - Order window is open!

Tuesday - All orders must be submitted and/or cancelled by 8am (no exceptions). All orders for bread must be submitted by Monday at 11:59pm due to required bake times.

Any orders cancelled after Tuesday at 8am or not picked up at your specified delivery location will not be refunded.

Wednesday - We deliver to the locations listed on our Delivery Locations page.  You pick up your order from the location you specified during check out.

Why should we use your service?
Garden Delivery CSA has been in business for 10 years and has always prided itself on the exceptional customer service we offer.  In our opinion, there is no greater trust you can place in someone than allowing them to provide food for your family.  We know this, and we take this responsibility seriously.  With our program, you are not dealing with a corporation or a big business.  You are dealing directly with the owners when you email or call.  The owners, product vendors and family members are the ones making your deliveries each week.  Our vendors are all local, small business owners who take pride in offering the best products in the area.  We don't use harmful chemicals or pesticides on our produce.  Our meat is naturally raised without the use of steroids, antibiotics or growth hormones.  Each week, our vendors pick, bake, roast and package your goods specifically for you.  There is no middle man.  Each product is delivered by our vendors to our CSA owners weekly, packaged by hand, and directly delivered to you.  With our program, you know exactly where your food is coming from and are welcome to talk with any of our vendors at any time to ask about their practices.  You, as the customer, are the heart and soul of this business and your happiness and satisfaction is our #1 priority at all times

Where do you drop off my order?
A list of our current drop off locations can be found on our Delivery Locations page.  If you have a suggestion for a new location, we would be open to adding additional drop points.

What if I need to cancel my order?
To qualify for a full refund on your order, all order cancellations are due by Tuesday at 8am (no exceptions).  Cancellations made after this time or orders that are not picked up at your specified delivery location will not be refunded.

I own a restaurant, do you have bulk item pricing?
We work with several local restaurants in the East Tennessee area.  If you represent a restaurant or need a large, bulk order, please contact us directly for more information and pricing.

Will you deliver to my house?
At this time, we do not make house calls.  But, if there is not a current delivery location close to where you live, please suggest one to us!

How do I suggest a new delivery location?
We are always looking for new partners to volunteer as delivery locations.  We try to spread out delivery locations so that we don't have more than one in a 5-mile radius.  If your suggestion is outside our 5-mile radius requirement, please send it to us!  We will give each location a trial run for one month.  If we consistently receive 5 or more weekly orders to that location during the trial period, we will keep it as a permanent delivery spot. 

Do you ship your products?
We currently do not ship our products at this time.

Have more questions not answered here?  Please contact us!