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Meat: 100% Non-GMO Angus/Wagyu Beef (assorted products)

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Dudash Farms has been raising quality beef since 2005 in beautiful Jefferson County, Tennessee.  They are BQA (Beef Quality Assurance) and Master Beef Producer certified.  Dudash Farms raises all of their beef the way they want to consume it: grass fed (non-GMO), no hormones, no steroids, no antibiotics.

All cattle are born and raised on their farm.  The cattle are crossbred where we have Angus cows bred to a Wagyu (Kobe beef) bull.  This crossbreeding creates a very tender and favorful product.

*if you're looking for a specific cut not listed below, please email us as our vendor may have additional cuts available for purchase  

Use the drop down menu to select from a variety of products:

Arm Roast (~2lb package)
Chuck Roast (1 roast per package)
Cube Steak (2 steaks per package)
Flank Steak (~0.95 lb package)
Rib Eye Steak (~1.8 lb per package)
London Broil (~1.0 lb package)
Fajita/Stir Fry Strips (~1.0 lb. package)
NY Strip Steak (2 steaks per package)
Round Steak (~2lb package)
Rump Roast (1 roast per package)
Short Ribs (~2.5 lbs per package)
Sirloin Steak ( 1 steak per package)
Sirloin Tip Roast (~2.15lb package)
Stew Beef (~1.0 lbs per package)
T-bone steak (2 steaks per package)
Ground Beef (~1 lb package)
Hamburger Patties (4 patties per package)
Liver (~0.8 lb per package)
Organ Meat
Beef Brisket (3.4#)

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